Apart​hotel Boquete

How to arrive at our Apartments in Boquete

Arrival in Panamá City

​Almost all foreign guests of our vacation rentals arrive in Panama with an international flight to Panama City (Panama City) to Tocumen Airport (PTY). From there you can reach our province of Chiriquí and its capital David either by car, by bus or by taking a domestic flight from the same PTY airport or from the other airport in Panama City, Marcos A. Gelabert Airport (PAC).

From the Tocumen International Airport (PTY) you can get to the Albrook Interregional Bus Terminal and the nearby Marcos A. Gelabert Airport (PAC) either by taxi, bus, or by Metro, the modern underground system of the Panamanian capital. 

The Metro is a very fast connection and, together with the bus, the cheapest from Tocumen to the Albrook bus terminal and the nearby Marcos A. Gelaebert National Airport, from where domestic flights depart to our provincial capital David (DAV).

Tocumen Airport in Panama City

If you take a taxi (about US$25-30) or a shuttle bus, the driver will take you to your destination. Therefore, we will only describe public transport connections here.

A one-way trip on the subway or bus costs just 35 cents (= US$0.35), a fare paid with Metro, MetroBus or RapiPass cards. The Metrobus card, which is used for all trips, costs $2. It can be purchased at the airport near baggage claim and must be loaded with at least US$3 before use.

​​A new station is being built directly at the airport.
From Tocumen airport, first take the E489 bus from outside the airport (exit F6) to Corredor Sur station on metro line 2, which runs every 5 minutes. A new station been  built directly at the airport, se this video.

At the San Miguelito station, change to line 1 and travel to the Albrook terminal, the bus terminal with a large shopping center from which buses also depart to other parts of Panama.

David Bus Terminal

Continuing by bus to David

​If you travel to David by bus, you can walk to the bus terminal from the Albrook metro station in about 5 minutes (350m). There you go to one of the ticket offices on the ground floor and buy a ticket from David.
Buses run at different times, there is also a night express that has fewer stops and therefore gets you to your destination a little faster. Please note that retirees are entitled to a discount on the fare for these buses.
The trip takes about 6-7 hours with a halfway stop in Santiago where you can grab a bite to eat and use the restrooms. It ends at the David bus terminal, from where you can take a taxi (approx. 35 minutes, US$25-30) or take the David - Boquete bus (approx. 1 hour, US$1.75 without the retiree discount) to Boquete.

The bus trip ends in Boquete in front of the community park, from where it is a 16-minute walk to our apartments. Taxis are also waiting across the road of the bus stop and will take you to your vacation rental for around US$3.

Flying to David

​​If you booked a domestic flight to David, you could depart from the Tocumen airport itself or from Marcos A. Gelabert Airport (PAC) which is a 5-minute taxi ride from the Albrook bus and metro terminals. 
If you want to save on the often excessive taxi fare, go to Port D at the bus terminal and take the C820 bus to Paseo Andrews-R (about 10 minutes). From there it is another 5 minute walk to the airport entrance. 

From the Enrique Malek Airport in David (DAV), the fastest and most convenient way to get to Boquete is by taxi (35 - 40 US$, approx. 45 minutes). We will be happy to arrange a driver for you who will pick you up there and take you directly to your vacation rental in Boquete. You can also take a taxi to the bus terminal ("Terminales") and from there take the regular bus to Boquete.

David Airport

​In Boquete

​Whether you arrive in Boquete by taxi or bus, here are some tips to help you (or your driver) along the way.

The bus terminal is in front of the Municipal Park of Boquete. From here, continue walking (or driving) in the same direction you came from. After about 500 m you will see the Catholic parish church on the right with two white towers. You will pass several restaurants.

Taxi & Bus
Catholic Parrish
Street directions for Aparthotel Boquete Aparthotel Boquete street side entries

​​​Finally, you will see a "caseta" (a bus and taxi stop) on the right side of the road and in front of it a fenced pipe construction of the municipal aqueduct. Turn to the right there and walk until the middle of the next block.

This is where the Aparthotel Boquete apartments are located.

​When you arrive, please call  Volker or Maria so that we can open your apartment for you from the inside (we live in the same property and do not have a separate reception).

You can make the call with WhatsApp via WiFi, the signal is already available at the door of your apartment.

Here you can already take a 360º virtual tour of an apartment.