Apart​hotel Boquete

​Questions and Answers

​Do you accept pets and how much do you charge for them?

Yes, we accept small and medium-sized pets (cats, dogs, or birds in cages) if they do not disturb other guests, provided that you notify us before booking and we confirm that we accept them.
We do not accept large, aggressive or potentially dangerous dog breeds. 
We do not charge anything for your pet, with the exception of a damage deposit. The most common damage occurs when animals climb on the bedding and leave their hair in such a way that it cannot be removed by normal washing. In these cases we have to completely replace the affected parts (usually the comforter and pillow covers) to prevent future guests with allergies from coming into contact with them. If we evaluate that there is no affectation, we return the deposit.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts for direct bookings and for longer stays.
Our official rates are those published on the pages of online travel agencies (OTAs), such as Expedia and Booking.com. If you book directly with us, we offer a significant discount.
In addition, our rates are lower for longer stays, that is, the rate (price per night) for a 4-week stay is more than 50% lower than the rate for one or two nights!
There are no additional discounts available to already discounted rates.

​What do I do if I don't know yet how many nights I'm going to stay?

​Our dynamic rate system offers you maximum flexibility and savings.
You can book your stay for the minimum number of nights you plan to stay, and we calculate the price per night based on the length of your stay. The more nights you will book, the lower the cost per night. This rate stays the same if you end up wanting to extend your stay for a few nights. However, if you decide to extend your stay for a longer period than initially, we will apply the lower rate of this new period.
In this way, if you book initially for a short period, you will have a slightly higher rate, but you have more flexibility.
If you initially book for a longer period, you have a lower rate. Naturally, you can always leave before the final date of your stay. The apartment remains yours until the end of your reservation and we will not occupy it again before this date. Therefore there will be no partial refund of the rent if you leave before the established date.
We favor longer reservations with a lower rate because it allows us to plan the occupancy of our apartments more efficiently.

​Are there time limitations for my stay?

There are no limitations for the length of your stay.
You can rent an apartment for only one night or several months, without limitation of the dates. For example, if you want to book for 4 months, you are not obliged to start and end your stay with the beginning or end of a month, as generally happens with resident rentals. We apply lower rates for longer stays.
For 4 weeks or more we apply the lowest rate, which varies with the season. 
By law we have to apply 10% VAT to our net rate.

Do you refund my deposit if I cancel?

​When you book an apartment, we guarantee you the apartment's availability exclusively for your specific dates. If for some reason, the apartment is not available when you arrive (e.g. due to damages), we are legally obliged to offer you an equivalent place for the same price. This would in most cases mean that we have to cover a higher rental price, as similar offers are usually more expensive. You can easily enforce this obligation once you are here. 
Please note that you have these legal guarantees only with establishments registered with the Panamanian Tourism Authority, like us. Many "airbnb" work illegally, are not registered, don't pay taxes, and do not offer any legal guarantees.

On the other side, you guarantee us to occupy the apartment for the booked period and to pay the convened rent. The deposit avoids frivolous reservations without the serious intent to fulfill the agreement. To have a similarly enforceable guarantee, we would need to require you to pay the full rent in advance, which could be a significant burden for you if you book a longer stay. For this reason, we only charge a deposit of 30% of the total rent including taxes, which of course, cannot be refundable because paying a refundable deposit is like not paying a deposit at all. 
If you cancel the reservation shortly before your planned arrival, our chances of replacing your reservation with another are low as most of our guests book well in advance. In this case, we lose 70% of the expected rent, and you lose 30%. Anyway, to reduce your risk of losing the deposit in case of a necessary cancelation long before your arrival, we can split the deposit into two payments, with 1/3 of the deposit paid when you book, and 2/3 at least 3 months before your arrival. If you cancel more than 3 months before your arrival date, you lose only 10%, and we have a better chance to get a new reservation for the same period or part of it. This does not apply to reservations made less than 4 months before arrival.

​What is included in the rent of the apartments?

Our rentals include the following services:
- Electricity and hot water.
- Internet by WiFi and Ethernet (LAN cable).
- For the best connection security, each apartment has its own WiFi router with your personal password.
- Gas for cooking and hot water.
- Waste management, gardening.
- Weekly cleaning of your apartment with change of bed and bathroom linen.
- Free access to a personal Netflix channel
- Free use of our washer and dryer
- Our "DIY breakfast" for the first days
- Fresh homemade bread for your breakfast every morning during your stay
- We are happy to scan or print documents, such as passports, airline tickets, or contracts for you at no cost

​I am curious about the rainy season. Does it get to you? Is it really pretty grey from April to December?

These are some experiences from ex-pats living in Boquete:
- "We love the rainy season. Remember it doesn't rain all day. You almost always have sunny, nice mornings and rainy afternoons. Perfect. "
- "It's my favorite season! The rain doesn't last long every day, but it makes everything lush and beautiful."
- "It is most definitely not grey all day, thank heavens. Generally the mornings are bright and sunny and gorgeous and it typically starts to cloud over around 11am with rain starting somewhere between 1 and 3pm. And it rains hard!! And then clears up and life goes on. It certainly makes everything grow like crazy."
- "The best way for retirees to explain the Rainy season..... unbelievably gorgeous mornings and then it clouds up just in time for your daily nap."
- "During the rainy season, it rains mostly in the late afternoon, so if you have some outside activities, like shopping without a car, you do it before noon or before the sky gets grey. But even during the rainy season, it does not rain every day, and it's mostly only for a short time. As you can see from the statistics https://aparthotel-boquete.com/en/boquete.html, about half the days during the green season are without rain. The mornings, often until the afternoon, are generally sunny with a few white clouds."