Apart​hotel Boquete

​Rental Conditions

​These conditions have been updated for the last time on 09/09/2022

​1) ​Any reservation not accompanied by a confirmatory deposit is considered to be a "preliminary reservation". A preliminary reservation can be canceled by both parties at any time without penalty or right to compensation.
Aparthotel Boquete guarantees the availability of a provisionally reserved apartment for a minimum of 24 hours after the preliminary reservation, but not beyond the maximum times foreseen for the payment of the deposit.
The preliminary reservation becomes a definitive reservation at the time of payment and receipt of the confirmatory deposit.
The rental price determined by our price calculator is the only one valid for direct bookings. Price information from online travel agencies may deviate from this and are valid when booking through them.

​2) ​To confirm a preliminary reservation, payment of a deposit of 30% of the total amount is required for direct reservations and 50% for reservations made through online agencies (OTAs) as follows:
For direct bookings made more than 30 days before arrival: 30% guarantee deposit within 4 days of booking.
For direct reservations made 7 days or more before arrival: 30% guarantee deposit within 48 hours of booking.
For direct reservations made less than 7 days before arrival: 30% guarantee deposit within 24 hours of booking.
The reservation will be valid and binding for both parties only after the payment of the deposit.

​3) ​Our accounts for transfers between Panamanian banks are:
BAC ​Credomatic checking account 104313259 for Tuscany Real Estates S.A. or
Banco General savings account 0448969516730 for Tuscany Real Estates S.A.
There are no commissions for bank transfer payments between Panamanian banks.
Foreign bank transfers can carry significant bank fees.
We also accept payments online with your debit or credit card, but we always only consider the net amount received for the deposit.
The bank commission for the collection of cards that are not physically present (online card payment) is approx. 5% of the amount.
If you want to pay with your card, we will send you a payment link to a secure website.

​4) ​The outstanding balance can be paid in cash, by local bank transfer, provided that the amount is available in our account on the day of arrival of the client, or with your credit card (no charges for cards physically present) at the time of arrival. . All payment must be made in Balboas or US Dollars. For transfer between accounts in the European Union we also accept payments in Euro. We do not accept checks or other currencies.
If the rental extends over several months, Aparthotel Boquete can offer to divide the remaining rent into an appropriate number of installments.

​5) The reservation will be valid and binding with the payment of the deposit. After the payment of the deposit, Aparthotel Boquete is obliged to have a habitable apartment for the exclusive use of the client as described on this website for the nights reserved, and the client is obliged to rent it as agreed in their reservation and pay all the time reserved.

​6) ​If the client gives up the use of the apartment after payment of the deposit and before arrival, we will use the deposit as compensation. There will be no return of the deposit, except in cases of force majeure. ​In these cases we share the loss with our guests, returning 50% of the deposit except for a minimum of USD 60 for accounting and bank expenses..

​7) ​If the customer cannot start the stay on the scheduled date, they are obliged to inform Aparthotel Boquete immediately and to pay the full rent by this date at the latest. If the customer does not start their stay in the apartment without notice of a delay (“no-show”) and does not pay the full rent, the deposit paid will be forfeited and Aparthotel Boquete has the right to freely dispose of the apartment.

​8) ​After payment of the agreed rent, the client will have the exclusive right to use the apartment for all the time reserved and paid for. The rent is not reduced if the client decides to use the apartment only partially.
In particular, if the client decides to arrive a few days after the start of the rental, leave to travel for a few days, or permanently leave a few days before the final date of their agreed stay, the apartment remains at their sole disposal. all the time and there will be no refund of rent for times of absence.

9) ​​The arrival time (check-in) is generally from 14:00 (2:00 p.m.) until 22:00 (10:00 p.m.), the final departure time (check-out) is until 10 :00 a.m.

​10) ​The check-in will be regularly accompanied by the Aparthotel Boquete staff who will show the facilities to the client and collect the balance of the rent on the same day. Customers are requested to inform us of their approximate arrival time, so that the Aparthotel Boquete staff can be present. Being a small family business, the presence of staff at all times is not guaranteed.
Customers are requested to report any observed damage or malfunctioning items immediately, so that we can repair them in a timely manner.

​11) ​If the client wants an extension of the rented period after having started their stay, they will be charged the same median nightly rate as the initial reservation. 

​12) ​The rent includes water, electricity, gas for cooking and for the production of hot water, cable internet and WiFi, parking with security cameras, use of the "Smart-TV" that works exclusively with WiFi, cleaning and change of linen. bed and bath approximately every 7 days or at the end of your stay.
Other services that may be described on our website, such as breakfast or daily bread, may be available at the discretion of Aparthotel Boquete, limited to clients with direct reservations. The temporary lack or reduced availability of water, electricity, gas or internet due to external causes and outside the control of Aparthotel Boquete does not create the right to indemnity or compensation for the client.

​13) ​Small and medium-sized pets are accepted, as long as they do not cause damage to the property of Aparthotel Boquete and do not affect the well-being of other guests.

​14) ​Guests are responsible for damage to the facilities caused by them, their companions or their pets.

15) ​The version of these conditions in Spanish is the only legally valid version. Versions in other languages ​​may contain translation errors.